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About us
We are an online translation agency specializing at Tech and IT translations to and from Russian since 2017. Flexible and customer-oriented, we always take time to scrutinize processes, systems and equipment that lay behind a text, since there is no other way to achieve good translation quality.

Apart from technical translation, we also provide other language services like marketing translation (transcreation), software localization, subtitling, audiovisual translation, consecutive interpreting, and more.

We use up-to-date CAT, glossary, and LQA tools to ensure highest quality at reasonable price.
Fields of expertise
Since 2017, we have accumulated some knowledge and skill in the following fields:

  • Electrical engineering
  • Electronics
  • Process automation: — PCS, APC, DCS, SCADA
  • Data acquisition, testing & measurement
  • Measurement equipment (CMMs)
  • 3D scanning and 3D printing
  • Internet of Things, IIoT, Industry 4.0
  • CAD & BIM
  • IT: software, networks, cloud, database
  • Metalworking and woodworking
  • Metallizing equipment
  • Greases, lubricants, adhesives
  • ...and more
Our clients and their feedback
International projects
During almost three years of work, we have taken part in 20+ projects for well-known global companies. Click a logo to learn more.
  • Translation of help articles for CAD software, such as Revit, InfraWorks, and Civil 3D
  • Software localization (specific modules)
  • Marketing and other translations
Schneider Electric
  • Translation of technical documentation for different devices and systems, ranging from condencers and circuit breakers to advanced process control systems
  • Translation of marketing messages, offerings, presentations, and agreements
  • Training of the Alibaba MT machine translation engine (own engine of Alibaba). Simultaneous work of 7 translators.
  • Linguistic quality assurance (LQA).
  • Translation of software help articles for Creative Cloud, Captivate, Presenter, Connect, Muse
  • Translation of marketing materials and messages
  • Software help translation for Norton Family products
  • Safety apps localization
  • Marketing translation
  • Translation of technical documentation for industrial printers and accessories of Domino Printing Sciences company, a branch of Brother inc.
  • Translation of agreements and T&Cs
  • Marketing translation
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29 Osvobozhdeniya st., Saint Petersburg, Russia
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