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About us
Insight Translation has been providing language services since 2017. We have niche expertise, care for each customer, and always set our sights on perfect quality.
We’ll be happy to tell you about our services. Just give us a call: +7 812 509 28 48.
Technical translation
Translation of operating, design, production documents in conformity with Russian and international standards.
Editing and proofreading
Correction of spelling, punctuation, semantic and stylistic errors.
DTP services
Optical character recognition (OCR), formatting in accordance with original documents, graphic editing, prepress.
Target audience-oriented translation and adaptation of your content to succeed on local markets.
Consecutive (both offline and online), whisper, over-the-phone.
Translation of software, websites, and videos, with special challenges and limitations such as variables, string length, etc.
Since 2017, we have gained expertise and experience in the following industries:
Energу and construction
• Buildings and industrial plants
• Industry-specific documents
• CAD and BIM
• Engineering
• Additive processes
• Metalworking
• Woodworking
• Instrumentation
• Records and certificates
IT & telecommunication
• Databases
• Cybersecurity
• Network equipment and techologies
• Catalogues and brochures
• Market researches
• Articles from magazines and blogs
• Dedicated software
• General-purpose software
• Websites
International projects
During last four years, we have taken part in 50+ projects for well-known global companies. Click a logo to learn more.
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